Picture Name Other Names No.
Tails.png 095.png
Japan: Gyaroppu
French: Galopa
German: Gallopa
Korean: 날쌩마
National: #078
Central: #---
Coastal: #---
Mountain: #---
Hoenn: #---
Classification Height Weight
Fire Horse Pokémon 5'07"
Gender Ratio Type Capture Rate Base Egg Steps Effort Values Earned Egg Groups
Male :50%
Female :50%
fire type 60 5,120 60 Dragon


I think he's cool

He played yugioh

upload tons of videos content about yugioh

I don't about him playing Overwatch

Overwatch suck by the ways

Overwatch can go fuck itself

His news channel is not too shabby

Adding extra bit along with his copypasta news

nevertheless I still like his videos

His videos is like a drug

I need my fix everyday

So I click to his channel everyday

God, I love his voice

It's dope, he looks asian

And he wears a golden hat that says DOPE and i think it look good on him.

I sent him my profile deck

It's a Wind Bitches deck and it's pretty terrible

A lot criticized him because of that

I felt bad and proud at the same time.